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To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour
Auguries of Innocence (in: The Pickering Manuscript).........
Plate 1-26: British Museum, London, Copy D
Plate 4a : Beinecke Library, Yale University, Copy H
Plate 16a: Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Copy B
Plate 1  
FIRST           BOOK
    LAMBETH. Printed by Will Blake 1794.
 plate 1
plate 2
Plate 2  
Of the primeval Priests assum'd power,  
When Eternals spurn'd back his religion;  
And gave him place in the north,  
Obscure, shadowy, void, solitary.  
Eternals I hear your call gladly,   
Dictate swift winged words, & fear not   
To unfold your dark visions of torment.
Plate 3  
Chap:  I  
1. Lo, a shadow of horror is risen  
In Eternity! Unknown, unprolific!  
Self-closed, all-repelling: what Demon  
Hath form'd this abominable void  
This soul-shudd'ring vacuum? – Some said  
'lt is Urizen', But unknown, abstracted  
Brooding secret, the dark power hid.  
2. Times on times he divided, & measur'd  
Space by space in his ninefold darkness  
Unseen, unknown! changes appeard  
In his desolate mountains rifted furious  
By the black winds of perturbation  
3. For he strove in battles dire  
In unseen conflictions with shapes  
Bred from his forsaken wilderness,  
Of beast, bird, fish, serpent & element  
Combustion, blast, vapour and cloud.  
4. Dark revolving in silent activity:   
Unseen in tormenting passions;  
An activity unknown and horrible;  
A self-contemplating shadow,  
In enormons labours occupied  
5. But Eternals beheld his vast forests  
Age on ages he lay, clos'd, unknown,  
Brooding shut in the deep; all avoid  
The petrific abominable chaos  
6. His cold horrors silent, dark Urizen  
Prepar'd:  his ten thousands of thunders  
Rang'd in gloom'd array stretch out across  
The dread world, & the rolling of wheels  
As of swelling seas, sound in his clouds  
In his hills of stor'd snows, in his mountains  
Of hail & ice; voices of terror,  
Are heard, like thunders of autumn,  
When the cloud blazes over the harvests  

Chap:  II  
I. Earth was not: nor globes of attraction  
The will of the Immortal expanded  
Or contracted his all flexible senses.  
Death was not, but eternal life sprung  
2. The sound of a trumpet the heavens  
Awoke & vast clouds of blood roll'd  
Round the dim rocks of Urizen, so nam'd  
That solitary one in Immensity  
3. Shrill the trumpet: & myriads of Eternity,

plate 3
[Plate 4a]  
Muster around the bleak desarts  
Now fill'd with clouds, darkness & waters  
That roll'd perplex'd labring & utter'd  
Words articulate, bursting in thunders  
That roll'd on the tops of his mountains  
4: From the depths of dark solitude,   
From The eternal abode in my holiness,   
Hidden set apart in my stern counsels   
Reserv'd for the days of futurity,  
I have sought for a joy without pain,  
For a solid without fluctuation  
Why will you die O Eternals?  
Why live in unquenchable burnings?  
5 First I fought with the fire; consum'd  
Inwards, into a deep world within:   
A void immense, wild dark & deep,  
Where nothing was; Natures wide womb  
And self balanc'd stretch'd o'er the void   
I alone, even I! the winds merciless  
Bound; but condensing, in torrents  
They fall & fall; strong I repell'd  
The vast waves, & arose on the waters  
A wide world of solid obstruction  
6. Here alone I in books formd of metals  
Have written the secrets of wisdom  
The secrets of dark contemplation  
By fightings and conflicts dire,  
With terrible monsters Sin-bred:   
Which the bosoms of all inhabit;  
Seven deadly Sins of the soul.  
7. Lo! I unfold my darkness: and on  
This rock, place with strong hand the Book  
Of eternal brass, written in my solitude.  
8. Laws of peace, of love, of unity:   
Of pity, compassion, forgiveness.  
Let each chuse one habitation:   
His ancient infinite mansion:   
One command, one joy, one desire,  
one curse, one weight, one measure  
One King, one God, one Law.  
Chap:  III  
1. The voice ended, they saw his pale visage  
Emerge from the darkness; his hand  
On the rock of eternity unclasping  
The Book of brass. Rage siez'd the strong  
2. Rage, fury, intense indignation  
In cataracts of fire blood & gall  
In whirlwinds of sulphurous smoke:   
And enormons forms of energy;  
All the seven deadly sins of the soul 
Plate 4 
In living creations appear'd  
In the flames of eternal fury.  
3. Sund'ring, dark'ning, thund'ring!  
Rent away with a terrible crash  
Eternity roll'd wide apart  
Wide asunder rolling  
Mountainous all around  
Departing; departing; departing:   
Leaving ruinous fragments of life  
Hanging frowning cliffs & all between  
An ocean of voidness unfathomable.  
4. The roaring fires ran o'er the heav'ns  
In whirlwinds & cataracts of blood  
And o'er the dark desarts of Urizen  
Fires pour thro' the void on all sides  
On Urizens self-begotten armies.  
5. But no light from the fires. all was darkness   
In the flames of Eternal fury  
6. In fierce anguish & quenchless flames  
To the desarts and rocks he ran raging  
To hide, but he could not: combining  
He dug mountains & hills in vast strength,  
He piled them in incessant labour,  
In howlings & pangs & fierce madness  
Long periods in burning fires labouring  
Till hoary, and age-broke, and aged,  
In despair and the shadows of death.  
7. And a roof, vast petrific around,  
On all sides he fram'd: like a womb;  
Where thousands of rivers in veins  
Of blood pour down the mountains to cool  
The eternal fires beating without  
From Eternals; & like a black globe  
View'd by sons of Eternity, standing  
On the shore of the infinite ocean  
Like a human heart strugling & beating  
The vast world of Urizen appear'd.  
8. And Los round the dark globe of Urizen,  
Kept watch for Eternals to confine,  
The obscure separation alone;   
For Eternity stood wide apart, 
plate 4
plate 5
Plate 5 
As the stars are apart from the earth  
9. Los wept howling around the dark Demon:   
And cursing his lot; for in anguish,  
Urizen was rent from his side;  
And a fathomless void for his feet;  
And intense fires for his dwelling.  
10. But Urizen laid in a stony sleep   
Unorganiz'd, rent from Eternity  
11. The Eternals said: What is this? Death[.]   
Urizen is a clod of clay.  
Plate 6 
12: Los howld in a dismal stupor,  
Groaning! gnashing! groaning!  
Till the wrenching apart was healed  
13: But the wrenching of Urizen heal'd not  
Cold, featureless, flesh or clay,  
Rifted with direful changes  
He lay in a dreamless night  
14: Till Los rouz'd his fires, affrighted   
At the formless unmeasurable death.  
plate 6
plate 7
Plate 7 
Chap:  IV[a]  
1: Los smitten with astonishment  
Frightend at the hurding bones  
2: And at the surging sulphureons   
Perturbed Immortal mad raging  
3: In whirlwinds & pitch & nitre   
Round the furious limbs of Los  
4: And Los formed nets & gins   
And threw the nets round about  
5: He watch'd in shuddring fear  
The dark changes & bound every change  
With rivets of iron & brass;  
6. And these were the changes of Urizen.  
Songs of Innocence and of Experience
And did those feet in ancient times
The book of Thel
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Jerusalem (30 plates)
The book of Urizen
The book of Ahania * The book of Los
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